About Enô

Enô Alfred Adeogun was born and raised in London after her parents relocated from Nigeria to attend University. Enô graduated from the London School of Economics and Political Science with a Bsc degree in government. While studying, Enô also interned with an MP, Family History magazine and ITN News. In her second year, she was selected to report a story for BBC news on the low number of black students in top universities.

A few months after graduating, Enô moved to New York in 2009 to study Journalism at the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism and interned with the BBC while studying. She obtained a Msc degree in broadcast journalism the following year.

Since graduating Enô has worked for AOL’s news and information site Patch.com, The United Nations, The Daily Beast, Tonic.com, The Atlanta Post, Fortune and Global Trade Review.

Enô moved to Nigeria in 2011 to begin working as a reporter in Lagos at a television news channel called NN24. She then moved again to another state in Nigeria to began working as a reporter and presenter for Cross River State’s Carnival Commission.

After moving back to London to work at a trade finance magazine, she realsied that she definitely missed the exciting world of television. In 2013, Enô once agin relocated to Nigeria to begin working as a television anchor for Cool TV. She is currently an anchor on Good Morning Nigeria and the documentary programme 30 Minutes. Enô has also become a voice that’s recognised due to the numerous voice-over jobs she does.

Twitter: @enoadeogun


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