Pants on the Ground

A town in Florida recently banned people from wearing trousers like idiots. It’s extremely pathetic that adults have to be threatened with punishment to stop “sagging their pants,” but unfortunately we are all sharing the world with morons. I even feel ridiculous typing the words sagging and rileypants because they sound so American. It is however a global issue. In every country I’ve visited and lived in I’ve seen human forms of Riley Freeman — Men and women who just can’t stop wearing their trousers low enough for me to know how often they change their underwear.

Citizens of Ocala, Florida are no longer to wear trousers that sag two inches below their waist on city property. First-time offenders will receive a warning; multiple-offenders could face up to six months in prison and a $500 fine. I’m sure lots of people think of young black boys like Riley being the main culprits but what about all the builders, maintenance workers and everyone else that seem to always bend over while working? For the love of God, can we not just throw them all in jail as well?

As much as I don’t regard myself a member of the fashion police, is it Bums up 31outrageous that I’m disgusted when someone’s butt is hanging out in my face?

I understand that saggy pants bring up more important issues than personal taste. For instance, the American Civil Liberties Union have pointed to the potential for racial profiling. Well, if everyone pulls their damn trousers up, no one will face a fine or prison if they don’t. Simple.

The power to legislate dress code is already used across America to ban public nudity, so is it really that big of a deal to ban the display of underwear?

So what will be banned next? Perhaps cleavage? What about 4 inch heels? I’ve heard these kind of arguments before relating to this issue and I’ve asked myself the same thing.

But what if sagging your pants was bad for your health? Would that make some of you reading that are against the ban change your mind?

Watch family physician and sex specialist Dr. Rachael Ross (the pretty doctor on The Doctors) explain the dangers behind sagging pants:

Abegi, (as we say here in Nigeria), do you need any more convincing?! Sagging your pants can lead to you struggling to have an erection and can damage nerves in your legs. Ladies and gentlemen, please pull up your trousers — for your own good.

Do you know what you’ll look like if you don’t? Watch my hero of the day explain below.


7 responses to “Pants on the Ground

  1. Nice write up girl…singing pants on the ground…hahaha. please we need such a law in Nigeria. The rate at which people sag in Nigeria is crazy. There really should be a ban on showing too much cleverage because the rate at which people do that nowadays is crazy…Pull your trousers up abeg..its too irritating

  2. Duchess Ineh Ishioma

    I knw the whole sagging(trashy) concept grew from the United States prison system where belts were most times prohibited to prevent prisoners from using them as weapons or committing suicide by hanging themselves.
    In my opinion blacks are not only guilty of popularizing the concept but also guilty of making the rest of the world see us as thugs, irresponsible savages who aren’t worth any good.
    I don’t think any responsible parent would gladly let their daughter marry a man who sags and looks irresponsible. So let’s help one man out there see the reason why he should stop the act. From one man, we can reach out to all.
    Beautiful piece Eno dearie!

  3. Amen! I wouldn’t even give a guy wanting to marry my daughter 2 minutes of my time if I met him with his bum hanging out of his trousers! If we are responsible we should look it as well.

  4. Its just common sense to know that exposing your bum in the name of sagging does not portray you as being responsible…it makes one look like a bush animal…an irritating idiot and also an irresponsible prodigal son who has refused to repent. I wish i could say more because i have lots more in my cupboard of dealing with dumb people.
    Thinking about it the other way, the same way it irritates me about sagging, is just the same way ladies who expose their body in the name of fashion disgust me.
    What can we do to make sure people are aware of what they are turning themselves into knowingly? you may ask me and i will answer- keep on spreading the message. The message that makes them informed of how ugly they look.
    The most annoying part of it is that most of the men that sag wear ugly boxers. Like one of my colleague. sometimes i wish i could walk up to him and tell him to borrow me his boxers… If thrown into the sea, all the fishes will die. (lol- but jokes apart)…i really need help in pulling this my colleague trouser up.
    My dear friend, can you advice me on how to approach my colleague as regards his dirty boxers?

    lets spread the word please #StopSaggingToday

  5. Hahaha, Eno! I read this is and chuckled to myself because two days ago I witnessed a minor street skirmish between two boys. One had a belt and his trousers up. The other didn’t and was clearly a graduate of the “the whole world must be in no doubt that Calvin Klein protects my ding dong” school of fashion. Let’s just say, the guy who was dressed appropriately managed to run rings around the saggy pants dude who comically gave chase shuffling himself along, whilst trying to hold up his pants in the process. He looked clownish.

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