Keyser Söze

Last week I received one of my favorite emails from work–a list of events taking place in the Time Inc building! I am that employee that eagerly reads all work emails and RSVP’s to whatever I consider to be the must-go-to events within seconds of receiving them.

When I saw, “A conversation with Kevin Spacey” I couldn’t RSVP fast enough! I absolutely love Kevin Spacey. I have since the moment I built up enough courage to watch the Usual Suspects after I heard someone scream “Keyser Söze” while my older brother watched it at home. In my defense, I was eight years at the time! To this day, I am yet to watch a film with a better ending….(Go rent it now if you haven’t!)

Kevin Spacey at the end of a wonderful evening in the Time Inc. Building.

Unfortunately, I missed the cocktail reception as I wasn’t able to leave work early enough, which meant I couldn’t see in the front row as I had anticipated 😦

I had a wonderful time despite not being able to lock eyes with Mr. Spacey. He is just a remarkable man. Incredibly intelligent and surprising funny!

He went on stage for the first time at a young age and  heard applause that made him think, “hmmm what’s this? I like the sound of that!” From that moment he began chasing his dream to become a performer. But his mother told him,

“If you’re lucky enough to ever have a dream come true, make sure you have another dream.”

Wow, food for thought. So it’s not enough to chase just the one mega dream you know you want deep down inside? I guess because I haven’t achieved my dream yet, I haven’t fully considered what I’ll do once I have. Kevin said after a hugely successful movie career he reached the:

Ok, so what now stage…

So that’s what is currently on my mind. Once I reach my dream, (watch out for a post with video coming soon detailing what my dream is) what’s the next dream I’ll be chasing?

What dream will you be chasing once you’ve achieved your first dream?


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