I am so excited to welcome you to Isee.Iwrite.Ishare. I hope I’ll be able to get to know you all as I share my thoughts and opinions about topics that are most likely to be related to politics, business, christianity, pop culture and a bit of everything else on the side!

If you’re reading this, no doubt you received an email/tweet/fbk message from me asking you to do so. *Big hug* Tell a friend to tell a friend if you begin to like what you see….

Until I share again….*kisses*


2 responses to “*Screams*

  1. Yetunde Shode

    The is the start of something big I really like the style I call it a journalistic blog with character not just standing in the middle or fence sitting but really drawing on different arguments with a positive outlook I look forward to seeing some more stuff. Great start Eno ❤

    • Why thank you beautiful lady. I’m going to try and not sit on the fence as much as I can. I’m rather opinionated so if I’m ever doing so, it’s likely because I’m being too p.c for my own good, rather than me not having an opinion!

      I would love to see you blogging. I miss your poetry and I bet once you get going, you’ll be rolling out with poems often. xoxo

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