Does President Obama deserve a second term?

I can’t believe the next Presidential election in USA will be taking place next year! It seems like just yesterday I was at home in London celebrating his win with my mum. Time flies ey?

In the first episode of The Street Report I spoke with people on the busy streets of Manhattan, and asked them about their opinion of the President’s work so far. More specifically, I asked them whether they believed Obama deserved a second term. I wasn’t surprised to receive a mixed reaction but what surprised me was the lack of enthusiasm from his apparent supporters. The enthusiasm I saw back when he was elected seemed dead….

Check it out here and let me know if you think Obama deserves a second term.

A lot has changed since Obama was sworn in. Good and bad. You only have to browse through ‘What the F**k has Obama done so far?’ to see just how much has changed. Here are some of the changes from the site that made me smile, (most related to healthcare reform).

Signed the Children’s Health Insurance Reauthorization Act, which provides health care to 11 million kids — 4 million of whom were previously uninsured.

Increased funding for national parks and forests by 10%

Signed the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act, giving the FDA the authority to regulate the manufacturing, marketing, and sale of tobacco for the first time.

Appointed first Latina to the US Supreme Court.

Health Care Reform Bill– allowing children to remain covered by their parents’ insurance until the age of 26.

Health Care Reform Bill– preventing insurance companies from denying insurance because of a pre-existing condition.

BUT, and it’s a big but, it isn’t all roses.

Obama has failed to deliver on a promise, (featured on the web site) I am very eager to see come to pass: “Issued executive order to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay.” In a complete u-turn, last month by executive order, Mr. Obama endorsed indefinite detention and military tribunals…..huh?!

Let’s not forget, right now America’s commander-in-chief, is none other than Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama! I’ve read articles where reporters have questioned whether he should give the prize back because of America’s military involvement around the world.

There are plenty of good arguments for imposing a no-fly zone in Libya. Without Libyan-government air strikes, the rebels might have a better chance of carving out permanent zones of resistance. What’s going on in Libya makes me uneasy but so does the political unrest in Ivory Coast, Darfur and Zimbabwe….but I firmly believe that the United States simply cannot send in their muscle power to take on every dictator…

I may have issues with Obama but I do believe Obama deserves a second term. He’s done so much good already that I want to see what else he will do.

Newsweek magazine cover: Is Obama God of all things?

Obama certainly is not God but he was certainly perceived to be in my opinion by many of his supporters. Black people seemed to think that like a god, Obama could come into office and make everything better for everyone. Of course, that’s just not possible and it was naive to believe it was.

He’s been criticized for doing too many things at the same time, but I support his eagerness and determination to make necessary changes, regardless of whom he offends in the process.


What do you think?



14 responses to “Does President Obama deserve a second term?

  1. Its good to see you’re back in the blogosphere first of all.

    Secondly, a lot was expected of Obama. He is human and can only do so much. We berate Presidents for not acting in our interests but when they do and it goes wrong we deem it poor leadership. What Obama had to do was balance the interest, affairs, hopes and aspirations of a broken nation. When he reneges on a decision its most probably due to pressure from the same people he has to represent.

    Bill Clinton is often hailed as a well liked President but that always depends on who you’re asking. People actually voted for George Bush so whether or not there’s a perceived liberal bias in the media, the truth is no President can be universally liked today and if he is, be worried. Its probably the Antichrist.

    Let the man honestly have a go at implementing the wishes of his people and the executive decisions that warrant him the title of “most powerful man on Earth”. Let’s convene and reassess in 2016.

    • Really?

      If we like the President, he’s probably the devil incarnate?

      I think this is part of the dire situation in America and the world. We’re becoming cynical and so critical of anyone who aims to do good we think it’s outright evil.

      So what’s the point in voting for someone who stands on a positive platform? What’s the point in voting at all?

      • Chillout, it was a light hearted comment. The real point is no one can be universally liked. I was simply drawing reference to the fact that the Bible says the Antichrist will come in the form of a world leader who is well-liked. I’m not saying Obama is the Antichrist, though there are some Youtube videos that will give you what ur looking for.

    • Marty the Magnificent

      You’re pointing to YouTube videos to support an argument comparing President Obama to the antichrist?… #ImDone.

      Yes, a Black man is finally president in America. So lets stay calm and not jump to certain conclusions…like the end of the world as we know it…and worry about nuclear meltdowns in Sendai, or hydraulic fracking and how it causes earthquakes, or unprecedented oil leaks, or the global rising costs of food…
      And all that’s happening without the antichrist. You need look no further than the nationally-UNliked politicians currently in office if you want to see evil.

      • You need to speak to the ‘christian’ folk standing at the end of the underground passage-way at Times Square station…the end as we know it (according to their leaflets) is in May!

        We can all agree that no President is universally liked and people liking a President does not warrant us to label them as a possible antichrist. I was horrified last year when I saw a church in Harlem with a sign saying, “the blood of Jesus is against Obama!” Looking at scripture in the bible, I cannot for the life of me work out why this ‘church’ felt they were in the right to display such a slanderous accusation.

        Look for a video on YouTube on any given topic and you’ll find all sorts of crazies expressing their opinions….but that’s not to say that you can’t find interesting and convincing videos on the site. You just have to do your homework to work out how credible any video is.

        Do you know what’s even crazier? The fact that I wont even be able to vote in the next presidential election! #snm

      • Marty the Magnificent

        You’re right.

        Just the other day on YouTube I watched the peculiar relationship between a mother and her eight-year-old daughter who is still breastfed.

        Surely, there are oodles upon oodles of information on YouTube chronicling how President Obama entertains goat demons in the basement of the White House.

      • That is beyond disturbing. Cheers, I’ve suddenly lost my appetite.

  2. The problem with Obama’s presidency is that it came off the back of one of the most inspiration and evocative marketing campaigns the world’s ever seen. Unlike your standard politician, he seemed to deliver his message personally to every individual who encountered his election material. As you’ve said, it was never within the realms of realism to accomplish all he set out to in four years and now it’s come back to bite. It seems that, because people believed they had a personal relationship with Senator Obama, they were expecting a personal relationship with President Obama and ask, you promised me this >> I voted for you >> What have you done for me lately?

    As our boy Cleggy has found out, it’s easy to say the right things in opposition and appear quasi-Messianic for doing so, but once in the seat of power it’s another thing to stand by your word and get the things done that you said you would do.

    When the next election comes around, rather than asking what has Obama done for me, they should ask what has he done for America (and its reputation worldwide). Due to the two-party system, much depends on who the Republicans decide to field. I think the more likely question to be asked is not whether Obama was good enough to merit a second term but rather whether he was so bad a President so as not to deserve a second term.

    Given that GWB survived for eight inglorious years, I don’t think Obama need call in the removal men quite yet…


    • Your boy Clegg the frog should not be compared to Obama. Clegg’s lies and decisions to go against party election promises have caused chaos in England….He spoke prophetically two months before the general election when he warned that there would be “riots” on the streets if the Conservatives introduced extreme cuts. Now they have begun – and Clegg himself is the chief cutter. He’s a mess.

  3. President O has achieved wonders in my eyes. He saved the U.S., and dare I say global markets, from a depression.

    He paved the way for students to attend college without sacrificing their livelihood to repay loans. He put an end to a needless war…and you listed many other things.

    BUT, I’m disappointed with the tax cuts for the rich, slow prosecution of the greedy executives who almost plunged global markets into a fiscal failure and his attitude which is often too lax (especially dealing with corporations).

    He is a good president. But he seems to miss some moments in becoming a great president.

    One of his FDR opportunities (when you use a dire situation to galvanize American people) was with the Gulf Oil spill. Granted, he got an automatic A+ compared to that f-ing moron George Bush who didn’t even walk around devastated areas. But when it came time for BP to pay for the damage, President O seemed too lax.

    To the BP execs who promised pay offs, I say B.itch…where’s the money? President O should have crawled down their throats and out their ass.

  4. To be honest not living in the states I am not directly affected by most of the actions Obama takes but I have been taking note. I think coming into power at a tdifficult time with the state of the global economy high unemployment in the U.S and a deficit of monstorous proportions have been factors which have detered his performance.

    A difficult balancing act between bank bashing and letting the banks get on with their job.

    I gave watched this whole Libiya issue evolve and if he sat back and did nothing people would have said he only goes after Sadam why not the G man. So it was lose lose in that respect. I don’t even know who would be in charge otherwise and I think he’s owed another term at least.

    Regards Dr

    • The world still catches a cold when America sneezes! I went to a comedy club last week where one of the comedians was making fun of some British folk in the audience. He said America’s relationship with Britain is similar to his relationship with his older bro! He went on to reenact his brother fighting with people and dragging him into it, all because someone looked at him “funny!” (Had to have been there….)

      You’re right, as Bart Simpson once put it, in life, sometimes, “you’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t!” He is President however, he has the power to make crucial decisions based on what he believes is the right thing to do….

      The big question is, if not Obama, then who?

      P.s. Why do you call yourself Dr?

    • @Chris/Dr – You make a good point about Obama coming into office at a difficult time. Add to that he came into office, at least in part, because it was a difficult time. There was mounting frustration with the foundering state of the economy, anger with Wall Street –analogous to Conservative America, and discontentment over American military involvements among a host of other issues. Obama offered hope, so to speak, and an alternative to the “politics as usual” that had left out the little guy. Here was a lovely laundry list of proposed changes and initiatives Obama would make if elected. Those things sounded quite nice and what made them even better was that they were from a genuine place – as soon as Obama was voted in (thanks to a prolific campaign, progressive platform and an unforgettable way of speaking that made you want to rewind that and play it again,) he started working his plan.

      As Eno mentioned above, Obama has been able to accomplish some of his goals… But to achieve all of them…in a time when there are issues, which predate his term, that must be addressed before changes can be felt and are lasting? It’s kind of idealistic. To be frustrated with him for not making these changes with the kind of immediacy that God made it rain manna for the Israelites is laughable. Puhleeze! Obama is human and unlike the microwave society in which we live, changing enduring institutional practices and introducing others cannot happen at the click of a mouse.

      I’d heard somewhere that it takes about the first half of a presidential term to clean house and straighten up things from the past before getting started on the real work. By those standards, some might say Obama is ahead of the game.

      The man deserves a chance. He stands a good one to win. As long as Sarah doesn’t run—get the nomination (pah! She won’t!), however, he won’t be a shoe-in. Whoever challenges him (Pawlenty, Gingrich, Romney, and Huckabee are possibles) will do so on issues that a noisy (albeit smallish though growing) segment of the population is passionate about including immigration, reproductive rights, gun control, gay marriage, and the reach of the government – which pretty much encompasses everything.

      We shall see 🙂

      Great job, Eno! (“Marty” directed to your blog!) …Sorry this is so long :/

  5. Hello mis.b and thank you for such a long reply! I enjoyed reading every part of your well-written comment, especially, “To be frustrated with him for not making these changes with the kind of immediacy that God made it rain manna for the Israelites is laughable. Puhleeze!” Brilliant.

    It’s so easy for any politician to come into power and blame the last man that was sitting in the leadership seat. The Obama administration in my opinion has charged ahead with drastic policy changes to move the country forward instead of blaming what we all want to be left behind us. America wanted change and so far he seems to be bring it….

    Obama has kick started his 2012 campaign and I am hopeful that the American electorate will be smart enough to give him another term to continue his good works.

    Hope to hear your wise words regularly 🙂

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